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World Meteorologist Day

World Meteorologist Day

March 23rd is World Meteorological Day, a holiday that celebrates the World Meteorological Organization. This organization collects data from all around the world to help us get daily weather updates.

It’s difficult to imagine how life was centuries ago when people had to predict the weather by looking at animal behavior and changes in the sky. These days, the weather forecast is just a tap away on mobile apps, the TV, or radio stations. You can even get it online in just a few clicks. Current technological advances have also made it easy to predict events such as tornadoes and earthquakes, which means that people can take precautions in good time.

Weather forecasts have been known to save lives during natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes by warning people about impending danger in good time so that they can take precautionary measures. In areas where these kinds of natural disasters are common, it is possible to reduce damage and loss of life.

The World Meteorological Organization was established in 1950 and its main responsibility is to collect meteorological data from across the world and make it available for analysis and use by countries around the world. In addition, WMO provides leadership and guidance in areas of climate change, hydrology, aviation meteorology, environmental disasters among others. It has 194 members and a total of 1240 staff spread across five regional offices. It’s also an intergovernmental organization recognized by other UN agencies as well as international institutions for its valuable contribution to public welfare in areas such as navigation, aviation safety and more.

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