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Parking Garage Collapses in NYC, Killing 1; 5 Injured - Associated Press

On April 18, 2023, a parking garage in the Financial District of New York City collapsed, killing one employee and injuring five others.

Several cars were crushed when the incident resulted in concrete floors colliding with one another. Screams were heard by witnesses after a loud rumbling. Building instability caused by the collapse made entering the structure risky for rescue personnel.The structure was "all the way pancaked, collapsed all the way to the cellar floor," according to interim Buildings Commissioner Kazimir Vilenchik.

Firefighters used a robotic dog and a drone to conduct searches. The collapse's origin is not known. There are no recent building permits, and the garage has been a three-story building since the 1920s.

All evening classes at the nearby Pace University were canceled, and a dorm and classroom building was evacuated. The students were then taken to a student center.

With the exception of one victim who refused medical care, the injured are presently in stable condition. To make sure that nobody is still trapped in one of the crushed cars, searches are ongoing.

A message has been sent for the parking firm that lists the garage as one of its assets. The collapse is currently being investigated.

This data comes from a piece written by Ted Shaffrey, Bobby Caina Calvan, and Jennifer Peltz for The Associated Press.


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