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Kamchatka Earthquake 1923 M 8.4

Earthquake in Kamchatka, M 8.4, February 3, 1923

On February 3, 1923, the Kamchatka earthquake struck. The Kamchatka Peninsula's southeast shore served as the epicenter. Hawaii was damaged by the tsunami that the earthquake caused, which had waves up to eight meters high. The perceived Mercalli intensity peaked at XI (Extreme). Two people died in Kamchatka and one in Hawaii as a result of the tsunami.

Although Thomas Jaggar, the director of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, attempted to warn the Hilo harbormaster about the danger of a tsunami, the earthquake occurred 26 years before the United States acquired the authority to issue tsunami warnings. One fisherman was killed by the tsunami because his warning was not heeded.

A smaller Ms 7.2 earthquake rocked the area north of the February quake in April of that same year. With run-ups of up to 30 meters, it caused a considerably greater tsunami that killed at least 36 people. This earthquake's moment magnitude was recalculated to be 8.0, making it a doublet of the April occurrence.

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