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How to prepare for an earthquake

How can I prepare for an earthquake?

Earthquakes happen more often than you think, so it's important to know what you should do when one strikes!

Remember these tips and be better prepared:

- Know your area's earthquake risk.

There are a few ways to know your area's earthquake risk. One way is to look at a map of earthquake risks in your area. Another way is to talk to your local emergency management office or geological survey office. 

Helpful link: https://www.dnr.wa.gov/programs-and-services/geology/geologic-hazards/geologic-hazard-maps

- Make a plan for what to do during and after an earthquake.

Create a family communication plan that has an out-of-state contact. Plan where to meet if you get separated. 

Helpful link: https://www.ready.gov/plan

- Build an earthquake kit.

Make a supply kit that includes enough food and water for several days, a flashlight, fire extinguisher, and whistle. Remember that not everyone can afford to respond by stocking up on necessities. For those who can afford it make essential purchases and slowly build up supplies.

Helpful link: https://www.ready.gov/kit

- Shake out your home, workplace, and vehicle.

It's time to practice Drop, Cover, and Hold On with family and coworkers.

Helpful link: https://www.ready.gov/earthquakes

- Learn first aid and CPR.

In the event of an earthquake, first aid and CPR may be necessary to help injured or trapped people. First aid and CPR training can help you be better prepared to provide care in an emergency.

Helpful link: https://www.ready.gov/safety-skills

- Secure your home and the things in it

Protect your home by securing heavy items in your home like bookcases, refrigerators, water heaters, televisions and objects that hang on walls. Store heavy and breakable objects on low shelves.

Consider making improvements to your building to fix structural issues that could cause your building to collapse during an earthquake

Helpful link: https://www.fema.gov/sites/default/files/2020-08/fema_earthquakes_fema-p-530-earthquake-safety-at-home-march-2020.pdf

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