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Magnitude 4.0 Earthquake Near Bellevue, Washington

A magnitude 4.0 earthquake recently occurred in the vicinity of Bellevue, King County, Washington, USA. The report comes from the United States Geological Survey (USGS), a leading global and national authority on seismic activity monitoring. The seismic event transpired early morning on Tuesday, August 8th, 2023, at 3:17 am local time. It originated at a shallow depth of 9 miles beneath the epicenter.

As seismic experts analyze data and refine calculations, there's a possibility that the precise magnitude, epicenter, and depth of the earthquake might be subject to revision within the coming hours or minutes. It's standard practice to review this information as additional agencies release their assessments.

Initial data suggests that the earthquake is unlikely to have caused noteworthy damage. However, it's probable that many individuals in the vicinity of the epicenter experienced a slight trembling sensation. Areas such as Fall City (population 2,000), located 5 miles from the epicenter, the City of Sammamish (population 45,800) at an 11-mile distance, Issaquah (population 36,100) 12 miles away, Sammamish (population 52,300) 14 miles away, and Redmond (population 60,600) 16 miles away, might have felt weak shaking.

Other locales near the epicenter, such as Bellevue (population 139,800) situated 19 miles away, Kirkland (population 87,300) at a 20-mile distance, Renton (population 100,200) 21 miles away, Seattle (population 684,500) 25 miles away, and Tacoma (population 207,900) 39 miles away, could have experienced very subtle vibrations from the quake.

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