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Earthquake Lights in Morocco | Mysterious Phenomenon

Strange lights observed in Morocco earthquake videos have a long history dating back to ancient Greece. These enigmatic phenomena, known as earthquake lights (EQL), continue to baffle scientists. John Derr, a retired geophysicist, confirms their authenticity, emphasizing that EQL sightings depend on specific conditions.

Modern technology, such as cell phone cameras and security cameras, has made it easier to capture these lights. Previously, it was nearly impossible to document them.

EQL manifests in various forms, resembling lightning, luminous bands, floating spheres, or flickering flames. Researchers like Derr have collected data on EQL sightings dating back to 1600, revealing that they often precede or accompany earthquakes, typically with magnitudes exceeding 5.0.

Interestingly, EQL tend to occur within tectonic plates, not just at their boundaries, and are often associated with rift valleys. The exact cause of earthquake lights remains a mystery, with theories ranging from electrical charges generated by stressed rocks to static electricity and radon emanation.

While the scientific community has yet to reach a consensus on the cause of EQL, there is hope that further re

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