Earthquake News

Alaska National Guard conducts Earthquake, Tsunami Continuity of Operations exercise North of the Alaskan Range

The Alaska National Guard recently tested their emergency response strategies in the case of a significant earthquake and many tsunamis slamming southern Alaska and coastal villages during a continuity of operations exercise. The drill scenario comprised transferring the joint operations center from Anchorage to Fairbanks, Alaska, and responding to a 9.2 magnitude earthquake in southern Alaska that had disrupted public utilities and caused extensive infrastructure damage.

In order to test the COOP plans, the 168th Wing Joint Operations Center, Crisis Action Management Team, Army National Guard, and Alaska National Guard Joint Force Headquarters Joint Operations Center were all involved in the exercise. Because the two states have an ongoing mutual aid arrangement, emergency managers from Washington State also took part.

The simulation concentrated on quick reaction actions, including cooperation with local, state, and federal support agencies for emergency communications. The training acquired guarantees that the Alaska National Guard will be able to communicate with regional, state, and federal interagency partners and respond to emergencies to assist fellow Alaskans.

In the case of a genuine earthquake of this size, the Alaska National Guard feels the bonds created with its partners throughout the drill will be crucial. Being as prepared as you can to react and assist those in need is the aim.

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