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National Museum Day - May 18, 2021.

Celebrating #NationalMuseumDay here in Seattle, Washington. Sharing this photo of our family last year at the National Nordic Museum brings us a step closer to being more connected to our roots!

Here's a little history:

"By the 1880s, Norwegians were arriving in the Pacific Northwest in noticeable numbers. By 1910, more than 7,000 Norwegians lived and worked in the region. They lived all over King County but especially in Ballard."

"In the Puget Sound region, Norwegians found an environment that reminded them of their old country. With its plenitude of water and forest, it was a place where they could use their skills as farmers, fishermen, seamen, and loggers and they spread out all over King County. In Kent and Bothell, Norwegian pioneers farmed. Others began their new lives in Seattle as unskilled laborers and construction workers. With the growth of the city between 1890 and 1910, opportunities arose for them to become entrepreneurs, professionals, engineers, contractors, and artisans."

"In Ballard, which soon became known as a Scandinavian settlement, Norwegians worked in the fishing and maritime industries, opened stores, built homes, and pursued varied entrepreneurial avenues. One entrepreneur was Ole Bardahl, who came to Seattle in 1922. After building a successful construction business that included housing for Boeing, he bought a chemical company that produced soaps and an oil additive. After adding a large number of motor products, he set up distributorships around the world."

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