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Sound Seismic Assesses Seattle's Oldest House

One of the best parts of being a retrofit contractor is the satisfaction that comes from helping protect and preserve Seattle's vintage architecture.  In July of 2017, Sound Seismic owner Leif Jackson had the privilege of submitting a bid to reinforce what might be the oldest house in the city.

The West Seattle home is said to have been built in 1864 by pioneer Doc Maynard.  It was moved from its original location in 1915, and looks quite different now, thanks to a number of remodels.  

Still, the home is pretty special.  The floor framing is hand-hewn douglas fir logs, complete with bark.  Supporting posts were constructed with 12" x 12" old growth lumber, dwarfing the occasional more recent 4x4.

While Sound Seismic may not get to retrofit this house - post-and-pier homes are not the best candidates for retrofitting - just getting to see it was quite an experience.

"I can honestly say that, in over 18 years of retrofitting in Seattle, I have never seen a house quite like this", said Jackson.

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