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Rigorous Silica Dust Laws Go Into Effect In Washington State

Concrete drilling creates silica dust.  Respirable Silica is considered to be "the new asbestos".  Beginning October 2018, contractors are required to prevent airborne silica dust by using a very specifie set of tools, vacuums and attachments.  Sound Seismic is fully compliant with requlations.  As a result, your home will be cleaner, and your family will be safer.

Some contractors claim to be compliant by using HEPA filters in their Home Depot shop vac.  NOT TRUE!  The law requires special shrouds and drill bits to collect dust before it becomes airborne, and requires fully sealed HEPA vacuum systems with automatic filter cleaning mechanisms.  

Sound Seismic invested heavily in the industry's most advanced dust systems from BOSCH.  While the laws are designed to protect workers, due to the potential for long term exposure, you and your family will also benefit from our cleaner processes.

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